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3 Places in Toronto That Will Make You Love Fall

Fall is officially here. We can feel it and, with the leaf colour change, we can see it. But living in the city, where buildings and busy streets surround us, it can be hard to digest some fall foliage. Lucky for us Torontonians, we can have the best of both worlds!

  1. Toronto Islands

Don’t count the Toronto Islands out for the season. Although it’s a popular summer-spot for all the beach lovers, the Toronto Islands tend to be much quieter in the fall AND much eye appealing. Not only do we see beautiful colours emerging from the island but it’s also a quick get-a-way place outside of the city. It’s even more beautiful when you get to see the fall scenery reflect through the water.

  1. Chatsworth Ravine

Located at Yonge and Lawrence, just minutes away from Roehampton, Chatsworth Ravine is a beautiful area to enjoy some outdoors near North York. It’s a perfect area to get out, breath some fresh air and take in some Torontonian scenery.

  1. Craighleigh Gardens

Craighleigh Gardens has got to be one of the most prettiest places to see in Toronto. It’s a peaceful but fun, 3.4 hectare, park near Castle Frank Road and Bloor Street East. If you’ve been here, you know how beautiful the fall foliage is. If you’ve never been – you need to go NOW! If you want to see some action, the park has an area that allows dogs to be off their leashes and it is situated close to Ravine Trail if you’d like to really get active and go for a nice hike.

What are your favourite parks and trails to visit in Toronto during the Autumn season? Drop a comment below and let us know so we can visit too!

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