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5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Are you looking for ways to bright things up a bit and make your bedroom feel refreshed? It’s time to take notes of these 5 easy tips to brighten up your bedroom.

1. Paint

A new paint job can brighten up your walls, cover those scruffs and dings, and give you a great opportunity to use colour to your advantage. You don’t necessarily have to go with white – you have MANY different options here. Choose a colour that will create a cheerful and energetic mood the moment you walk into your room.

2. Add A Plant

Nothing screams ‘fresh’ like a plant that is well taken care of. Orchids are a popular hit since they require minimal attention but this one’s completely up to you. Houseplants are natural air purifiers that clean the stale, chemical-laden air in your room. They add colour, texture and will definitely keep you fresh.

3. Bright and Shiny Accents

If bright is what you’re going after, think about the power that light-reflecting furniture or accents have. Metallic’s work best or you can go with shiny objects. Just make sure they go with the overall theme of your bedroom.

4. Bright Headboard

One of the most important things of a bedroom – and the piece that makes it complete – is your bed and headboard. Having a dark headboard can really put a damper on your entire room. Make sure you go light, whether it be white, light grey or a light wooden colour. This way the lighting in your room can bounce off your headboard and remain light and bright.

5. Natural Light

Nothing brightens up a room the way that natural light does. You’ll need a couple of windows for this one. If you want to add blinds or drapes make sure they are not big, bulky or have dark shades. You’ll want as much natural sunlight entering your room as possible.

There you have it – a new and improved BRIGHT room! What other tips can you think of that helps with brightening up the bedroom.