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Get Ready For Spring

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Freshen up for spring!

Yes it's been a long winter, you've been cooped up inside forever, and you've become BFFs with all the dust bunnies under the bed.  Come out from hibernation because the countdown to spring is on and that means it's time to clean up your act…or at least your apartment! Now is the perfect time to make tidy & toss your mantra so you can celebrate the arrival of spring!

Sure, doing chores isn't the most fun you'll ever have, but you'll feel great when you can cross it all off your to-do list. Speaking of lists, first and foremost begin by putting together the ultimate cleaning playlist to move you to shake that mop and booty! So put on your grubbiest grubs, rock those rubber gloves, and get set to become a mean cleaning machine with these handy tips that will get the job done.

Make a TO-DO list

From Molly Maids to Martha Stewart there are lots of great Spring Cleaning Checklists online for inspiration on where to start. Get organized and get a plan in place today!  Check the best printable spring cleaning checklists on The Spruce


Stock up on supplies

No excuses that you don't have what you need in your home! Make sure you gather all your supplies and equipment beforehand. Consider using green cleaning products, or even better make your own with simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. 

Clear out the clutter

Go room by room and open every drawer, closet, and container with the intent to purge!  If you haven't worn a piece of clothing in over a year make a pile to donate. Store seasonal clothing and items in bins to give space, go through your desk papers, magazine piles, scraps of who knows why you saved it and either keep it in a file or trash it. Toss out expired cosmetics and toiletries and for larger items that you just don't want anymore – consider selling or donating to a local charity. 

Top to bottom clean

Now that everything is neat and tucked away it's time to start at the top and work down. Look up …begin by dusting/washing upper cabinets, shelves, and tops of picture frames. Move down the wall onto bookshelves, hanging art pieces, and clocks. Next dust surfaces, polish wood furniture, and vacuum upholstered furniture. Lastly, dust the baseboards, sweep the floors, and vacuum area rugs.

The Big 3 – Go big and go deep clean! 

The Kitchen

Clear out expired food in the fridge, freezer, and cupboards. Wipe down the cupboards, soak the faucet in vinegar and consider reorganizing your dry goods into containers to keep things tidy and fresh. Give all the appliances a good cleaning.  Also treat yourself to new dish rags, sponges, and tea towels!

The Bathroom

Clear out the vanity, wipe down the mirror, clean the tub, and tackle the toilet. For a sparkling, germ-free space you'll also want to scrub the tile and grout where mildew can form, as well as descale the shower head by soaking it in warm vinegar for a few hours. Also replace the shower curtain liner regularly.

The Bedroom

Create a sanctuary of serenity with a thorough decluttering and dusting.  Consider a closet organizer system to keep everything in its place.  Launder the bedding and pillows, plus sanitize your mattress by sprinkling it with baking soda then vacuum. 


Final touches

Beautiful to look at, great to smell and offering your home a little bit of fresh air, fresh flowers make a room feel special and your home smell great. Along with flowers, flickering flames are the king of home ambience, casting light and a feeling of warmth. Scented candles add a nice smell to a home, too. 

Now go out and treat yourself to some tulips because you're ready for spring!