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Making Your Home Holiday Ready

You’re either a festive person or you’re not. Some Holiday lovers have their home all set and ready by the time December 1st comes around. And some are just last minute individuals. Assuming you aren’t the type of person to plan out your holiday home three months in advanced, here are three ways, using your senses, that will help you get your apartment ready for the holiday fun.



The first sense someone uses, for most, is their vision. Take a look at your apartment and ask yourself, “What is not a festive décor that I don’t need out right now?” Remove those clutter-makers to make room for festive décor. You don’t have to go crazy buying little Santa statues or reindeer stands, but tidying up your home so it’s guest friendly and adding a magical touch can help bring the holidays to life. Make sure your tree is up, a wreath on the door and some extra décor of your choice. Visual cues are very important to brighten up the mood for your guests.



What do the holidays sound like to you? Rap and rock won’t cut it during this time but festive music sure will get the job done. From jazz to pop, there are all kinds of Christmas music out there. Besides music, you can have bells or a teakettle on to add an extra touch. Little things like these make a huge difference and can help make your home really feel more holiday ready.



Last but certainly not least, walk out of your home and walk back in. Does it smell festive? You may be asking, “what does festive smell like?” Cranberry, gingerbread, sugar cookies, candy-cane candles, etc. Even if you aren’t ready to decorate or listen to the holiday tunes, you’ll be surprised by how much change a little holiday scent can bring.


Is your home holiday ready? What are some tricks and tips and traditions that you carry each year to make your home holiday ready?


Happy Holidays from 305 Roehampton!