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Tips for Building an Eco-Friendly Fall Wardrobe

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Make your fall wardrobe more eco-friendly this season by following the tips below! The best part is you don't have to sacrifice style or versatility!

Is your closet full of garments that are out-of-style or no longer fit? Take them to a good tailor who can "upcycle" them into garments that fit like a glove and feature new designs. Instead of purchasing the very latest trends every season, opt for garments with classic lines and cuts that you can wear for several years before they go out of style.

Purchase garments that are made to last, ethically sourced, and manufactured using non-toxic chemicals and materials. Do your research to find out which clothing labels and retailers are the most eco-friendly. For example, certain fabrics can be made out of recycled material and dyed with non-toxic dyes. Also, seek manufacturers who pay their workers a fair wage. While eco-friendly garments tend to be pricier than their more hazardous counterparts, the long-term savings and other advantages of purchasing these items are important to consider. Avoid purchasing "dry clean only" garments, because the chemicals used to clean them are harmful to humans and to the environment. If you already own "dry clean only" garments, take them to a cleaner that specializes in non-toxic methods such as liquid carbon dioxide cleaning.

Organize a clothing swap with your friends. Bring the items you no longer wear and walk away with "new-to-you: items! Donate the rest to a local thrift store.