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Top 10 Style Tricks to Personalize Your Space

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Decorating your first apartment is exciting! There are a ton of things to consider, from the amount of space you have, furniture required, and what kind of feeling you want to express in your environment. Spend time checking out different interior designs such as modern and minimalist, retro and vintage vibes, the popular industrial chic or go bohemian Zanzibar cool!

The beauty of defining your living style is that there aren't any rules, except follow your heart's desires and mind's inspiration. Looking where to start? Here are our top ten easy essentials that will deliver style to your home and make it your own.

1. Pillows – Practical and pretty, toss them on a sofa, chair, or pile them on the floor. Whether brightly coloured, boldly patterned, or neutral, they add instant texture, style, and comfort.


2. Throw Blankets – Fold, drape, hang or just throw it! Blankets, like pillows, not only add colour or design to your sofa, back of a chair, your bed, or an empty basket, but they're wonderful to cuddle up in with your favourite person or pet.

3. Small Rugs & Mats – Treat your floors to the same level of love as your walls. Whether a Persian pattern, bold monochromatic accent, a 70's shag or natural rattan, small rugs and mats add comfort and warmth underfoot as well as help pull a room together and define space.

4. Plants – Add life to every room! Start with a few pots of fresh herbs in the kitchen. Succulents love windowsills and orchids do well in a steamy bathroom. Anything can become a planter - from teacups and tin cans to macramé hangers and an old boot, your options are evergreen.


5. Wall Art – Display your personality by hanging art on the walls. Consider an oversized painting or photograph as a centrepiece or arrange a gallery of themed or eclectic styles in different frames. A tapestry adds texture to a room, while a mural takes your space to another place.

6. Mirrors – Create a bigger and brighter space with the magic of mirrors. Reflect natural light by hanging one adjacent to a window or lean an oversized mirror against the wall for the illusion of depth. Mirror frames range in style from classic, vintage, rustic or edgy adding a unique effect to the room.

7. Shelves - The best way to show off your personal style is by displaying your favourite things. Whether floating shelves, bookshelves, A-frames, or ladders, and from travel souvenirs and vintage keepsakes to records and your coveted unicorn collection - put them out for everyone to admire.


8. Books – Show off your book smarts and style by displaying your favourite reads. Curate a small collection on your coffee table or to elevate a lamp, clock, or plant. From floating shelves and mantels to sky-high stacks or a floor to ceiling library, books add great personality to your room.


9. Kitschy Kitchens – Stir up some irresistible style using colourful pots and pans, patterned plates, and placemats. Go mod squad with contemporary stainless steel or keep things bright and white with a splash of colour in your toaster, teapot, and tea towels.

10. Bar Cart – Earn your hosting badge with the latest in wine racks and bar carts. Fashionable and functional, not only do they save space, but make a great place to display your style in decanters, bar tools, and a coffee station.