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Is this your first time moving into an apartment? Moving can be overwhelming for many of us, regardless of it being your first time or even your tenth time. Doing it amidst a global pandemic takes the stress of moving to a whole new level. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to do your research to ensure that the whole process goes as smoothly as possible while taking the extra safety precautions due to COVID-19. We have compiled a list of 4 key things to take into consideration when moving into a new apartment. The KG Group Concierge team and XYZ Storage are here to help.


1. Remembering Important Dates

Moving is already stressful enough without having to remember important key dates. Planning your moving process can take a lot of the stress off your shoulders. Some of the more significant key dates that you should mark down in your calendar or simply keep in mind are:

  • The move-out date from your current home as it will help you coordinate the rest of the moving process
  • Confirm the day and time you are picking up the key to your new home with your landlord
  • Confirm your official move-in date with the landlord which will also help you decide when to book the elevator for as well as the moving truck


2. Packing Your Belongings

Decluttering: When packing your belongings, you should consider decluttering all of your belongings first. This can help you avoid bringing belongings that you no longer want to keep in your new home. If this is something that interests you go through each of your belongings and decide whether you wish to keep, throw away, donate, sell, or store elsewhere such as a self-storage unit. 

Organizing: Once you have done that it may be a good idea to take an inventory of all of your belongings. Make sure you keep track of where you pack each of your belongings by labelling your boxes. XYZ Storage has many supplies to help you with labeling, packing and sorting your belongings for your move.


3. Booking Your Rental Truck and Movers

Based on your belongings you then have to decide whether you need to rent a moving truck or not. This depends on whether you have alternate modes of transportation whether it is using your vehicle or borrowing one from a friend. Booking your rental truck is something that needs to be done promptly to avoid any issues. Unable to move all of your belongings yourself? Ask your friends if they are willing to help you out while socially distancing or you can hire professional movers to get the job done as well.


4. Logistics When Moving into Your New Apartment

Before you can actually start to move into your new place, there are quite a few logistics that you need to sort out and confirm to avoid any problems on your move-in date. Trust us, it will make your move-in day go a lot smoother when you get answers beforehand.

Reserving the Elevator

With keeping COVID-19 in mind, apartments might seem busier than usual with the number of people allowed in an elevator being kept to a minimum for social distancing reasons. Reach out to the KG Group Concierge team and ask about reserving the moving elevator for your day and time slot. This will ensure that you have the elevator booked on time and you can move-in accordingly. You do not want to run into an issue where you booked your moving truck for your planned move-in date but have yet to reserve the elevator.

Loading Zone

You should also ask the KG Group Concierge team where to park your moving truck. This is a crucial question to ask as you do not want to have the elevator booked for three hours, but you are spending half the time trying to figure out where the loading zone is.

Moving Day Parking

If you have a parking spot, please ask the KG Group Concierge team where your parking spot is located. This will be helpful to know especially if you plan on taking your vehicle with you in addition to the rental truck. It will save you a whole lot of confusion on your move-in date! It is also good to know especially if you are planning on parking your vehicle there in the future. If you do not have a parking spot, please ask the KG Group Concierge team about visitor parking if you need It.

XYZ Storage can help!

XYZ Storage is a self-storage facility that offers customizable storage solutions for your business or personal needs. Throughout the pandemic, XYZ Storage has responded in a way to protect their customers, staff, and visitors that come into their facilities. They have minimum contact solutions in place to ensure a safe experience for all. If you need a temporary storage unit or are looking to book a truck rental, XYZ Storage can help with that. They also have moving and packing supplies to help you with your moving process! XYZ Storage has it all as they are the one-stop-shop for all of your storage, packing, and moving needs. With their help, it can make your moving process a whole lot smoother and easier.