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Erskine Neighbourhood

4 of the Sweetest Ice Cream Shops at Yonge and Eglinton

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Photo Courtesy: The Daily Hive

This internationally renowned Korean dessert café features one of the most unique ice cream experiences you can have in the GTA. Here, organic milk soft serve is combined with add-ins like pistachio crumble, sea salt, and apple syrup, and topped with pillowy clouds of cotton candy, decadent honeycomb, cookies, and more. You can even have your ice cream served on a watermelon slice.


Hollywood Gelato - Midtown Ice Cream Shops near 18 Erskine Avenue, Toronto

Hollywood Gelato

Photo Courtesy: Hollywood Gelato

If you're always on the lookout for new and inventive flavours, then you're sure to fall in love with Hollywood Gelato. This locally loved midtown shop features a large menu of innovative, house-made gelato in flavours like vanilla, hazelnut, Twixx, coconut cream pie, and even a limited edition roasted marshmallow flavour! Yummy!


La Diperie - Midtown Ice Cream Shops near 18 Erskine Avenue, Toronto

La Diperie

Photo Courtesy: La Diperie

Imagine this: mouth-watering soft serve that can be bathed in your choice of over 40 different dips (including chocolate, orange, ginger and even activated charcoal, to name a few) and then covered in toppings like coconut, pretzels, or even your favourite cereal! Believe it or not it doesn't stop there. They also offer dipped cheesecake on a stick, vegan cookie dough, and ice cream burritos.


Jr Sweets - Midtown Ice Cream Shops near 18 Erskine Avenue, Toronto

Jr Sweets

Photo Courtesy: JR Sweets

About 15 minutes west of Yonge off of Eglinton West sits the one and only Caribbean-inspired ice cream shop in the GTA. Jr Sweets offers incredibly unique ice cream flavours unlike any you'll find anywhere else, like Guiness Stout, peanut punch, guava, and grapenut that are bursting with flavour.