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Cozy café days

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Bored of big brand coffee? When you live in one of our communities, you have so much to choose from.



Here are some of the best independent and less-known cafés in our neighbourhood.



Close to our 305 Roehampton and Hampton House communities


La Bohème Café

French inspired pastries and sandwiches, free wifi, and plentiful seating make La Bohème a great place to spend time with others, or with your laptop.


de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters

De Mello is a cozy, rustic, hole-in-the-wall café that roasts its own coffee in-house.


Istanbul Café

Istanbul Café is all about the culture of Turkey. They have Turkish delight, Turkish coffee, a custom Istanbul blend espresso, and sweet and savory Turkish snacks.



Close to our 105 Harrison and Oakburn communities


H Café

H Café specializes in both traditional and modern takes on Japanese baked goods and desserts.


Bake Code

This Taiwanese “boutique café” features a mashup of European and Asian baking traditions.


Dazzling Café

Pretty and pink is the theme of Dazzling café. Everything is dainty and cute from its food and drinks, to its decorations—the chairs even have little bunny ears on them!