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One of our favourite amenities at Roehampton is our beautiful main level lounge. The lounge is more than just a place to hangout and enjoy complimentary wifi and Netflix. Our lounge is about bringing our Roehampton residents together and offering new and unique community events.

Residents of Roehampton can book out the lounge space for small parties and private events. The ability to host a football night or birthday party right in the building is a convenient way to entertain more often!

Some features of the lounge include;

1. Wet Bar

2. Comfortable Plush Seating

3. Complimentary Wifi

4. Multiple Television Screen

5. Private Event Bookings
We are so excited for our lounge to be fully open and accessible for all of your event needs! Some of the events we will be holding include wine and cheese, guest speakers and more! If you have any suggestions on events or opportunities you would like Roehampton to consider please share your ideas with us!