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How Soon Is Too Soon For Holiday Décor?

Halloween came and went and it was time to throw out those pumpkins and take down spooky witches and ghosts. As soon as November 1st popped up, department stores started to fill their shelves with holiday décor, and the seasonal drift is still not fully complete. It hasn’t even hit December and we’re already seeing houses lit up with festive lights. Is it too soon? Should we wait for December to come around?

Holiday décor in October? NO! Holiday décor in November? Maybe. But at least wait until after Remembrance Day so you can pay attention to giving your respects to our soldiers. December? YES!

Outdoor Lights

Let’s face it – the colder it gets, the harder it is to put up Christmas lights on the outside of your house, or on your balcony in your apartment. Many people try to get these puppies up before the crisp December air rolls in. You can put them up as early as you want – just don’t turn the lights on until December comes around.

Christmas Tree

Some people put up their Christmas Tree around the same time as putting up their lights. Others wait until Christmas Eve to put it up but is it really worth it for such a short period of time? I’d say, December 1st is a good time. It’s during the holiday month and you’ll get to have fun with it for a good month.

Holiday Cards

Do NOT mail your Christmas or Holiday cards before December. I received a Christmas card just yesterday in the mail. As nice as the gesture is, it doesn’t feel exciting, like it usually does, to open up a Christmas card in November. Yes, the postage might be busy and you want to make sure your cards arrive at a decent time. But if you mail them out December 1st, you’ll be in the clear.


Are you in the holiday spirit yet? When do you put up your holiday décor and how soon is too soon do you think it is to get in the Christmas spirit? Tell us in the comments below!