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Renting a Condominium vs. Renting an Apartment in Toronto: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to renting a place to call home in Toronto, prospective tenants often have two primary options: condominiums and apartments. While both offer comfortable living spaces, they do differ in some important respects. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the contrasting features of renting a condominium versus renting an apartment in Toronto. 

  1. Ownership Structure: 

In Toronto, a condominium, or condo for short, is a type of housing where individual units are privately owned. This means that each condo unit is owned by an individual, who is called the unit owner. When you rent a condo, you are leasing directly from the person who owns that suite, who is considered the Landlord. They may live in the same building as you, or they might live in another country and have purchased the unit as an investment property. Should the owner decide to sell, you will be asked to leave. 

Apartments, on the other hand, are owned by a single entity, such as a property management company or landlord, and are solely intended for rental purposes. When you move into a KG Group community, you not only enjoy all the benefits and amenities of a condo-quality lifestyle but because it is a rental property, you’ll never have to worry about being asked to vacate your home. 

We call it Security of Tenure with KG Better Living

  1. Maintenance and Upkeep: 

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, there is an important distinction between condos and apartments. In condos, tenants are typically responsible for minor maintenance tasks within their units, such as fixing small issues. However, major repairs or maintenance in common areas are handled by the unit owner and the condo corporation.  

In apartment rentals maintenance services are provided by the property management team. This convenience ensures that tenants can rely on professionals to address any maintenance concerns promptly, at NO COST, making apartment living hassle-free in terms of repairs and upkeep. At KG Group, we offer a guaranteed 24-hour maintenance response, an on-site management office, a resident service online portal and KG Management’s open-door policy ensures your requests will be answered promptly. Our communities also have Resident Service Coordinators who organize events, programs, like special perks, and services for residents to help build that community feel. 

We call it Better Resident Services with KG Better Living

  1. Amenities and Facilities: 

Both condos and apartments in Toronto offer a range of amenities and facilities. However, condos tend to boast more extensive and luxurious amenities. Apartments, while still offering amenities, may have a more limited selection or slightly less opulent options, depending on the specific property. Not in a KG Group property. Our amenities have been thoughtfully planned to make life run more smoothly, make the most of your downtime, and keep you feeling safe and secure. Our residents enjoy numerous luxury amenities such as a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Fitness Centre with motion cage, Yoga/Spinning/TRX Studio with FREE fitness classes and virtual Fitness-on-Demand, Lounges with fireplace, Business Centre and Co-Workspace, Screening Theatre, Indoor Pool with wet steam, Outdoor BBQ Terrace, Kids Room, Concierge and 24 hour monitored security and more! 

We call it Better Amenities with KG Better Living. 

  1. What about Pets? 

When it comes to renting a place with a furry friend in tow, it is important to consider the pet policies of condos versus apartments in Toronto as there are some very significant differences between them. Be sure to read the condo corporation documents for their specific pet policies. In an apartment, review the building’s rules and regulations or speak directly with the property management. 

Condos in Toronto are permitted to have and often do have extremely specific pet rules and restrictions. These can vary in each building and may include NO PETS, limitations on the number, size, and even breed of pets allowed. Some condos may have pet weight limits or require residents to carry their pets in any common areas, including amenities.  

Apartments in Toronto must allow pets as stipulated in the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 and tend to have more standardized pet policies. Some apartment communities have restrictions which may include pet size limits, breed restrictions, or a limit on the number of pets allowed per unit. Many apartment buildings welcome pets and have pet-friendly policies that include amenities. At KG Group, we love our furry friends and have many special touches for a pet-friendly lifestyle such as a heated dog walk, Pet Spaw, special pet events such as ‘Yappy Hours’ and ‘Pawliday Parties,’ and dog treats at the Concierge. 

Choosing between renting a condominium or an apartment in Toronto ultimately depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. By carefully considering factors such as ownership structure, flexibility, amenities, maintenance, and pets, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and desires. Take your time to thoroughly explore both options. Whether you choose a condominium or an apartment, Toronto's rental market offers a wide range of choices to suit every lifestyle and preference. Just remember, when you choose a KG Group community for your home, you don’t just live better, you live MUCH BETTER!