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Erskine Neighbourhood

Green Living at Roehampton

Being Green, according to Kermit the frog is not easy. However, KG Group takes being green very seriously and we are very conscious of the footprint we would like to leave. All of our new KG buildings, including Roehampton (located at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant) are green, energy efficient buildings. What does this mean exactly? Well, we have ensured that our new buildings are built to be environmentally responsible, energy efficient and offer green-inspired amenities. Here are just a few of our green features:

  • Low-E coated, argon gas filled, thermal double pane operable awning windows
  • High efficiency, Energy Star kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Dual flush, energy efficient low-flow high performance toilets
  • High pressure, energy efficient low-flow shower heads
  • In-suite laundry ventilation to exterior with automatic relay sensor exhaust control
  • Individually controlled heating and cooling system in-suite for programmable comfort control
  • Individual energy efficient electricity metering
  • Tri-sorter and bi-sorter garbage disposal room on each floor to encourage recycling
  • Light fixtures designed to fit long-lasting, energy saving lamps
  • Continuous venting of bathroom exhaust to central building energy recovery system to conserve energy in heating
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in garage
  • LED lighting in common areas
  • Green roofs
  • Toronto Green Standard – Tier 2

For More information on our green friendly suites please contact one of our Roehampton Leasing Consultants.