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Why we're Better than a Condo

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There are so many things to think about when you are looking to move. Finding a place you can feel safe, secure and ultimately at home can be stressful and tiring. KG Group prides itself on the ability to provide a high quality living experience and dedicated staff members. The benefits of renting from KG Group are endless, but here are the Top 10.

1. Security of Tenure

Let’s start by talking about the Security of Tenure. Did you know that with a condo rental, the owner has full right to give you minimal notice to vacate the suite if they wish to take the suite over? In a condominium rental, should the owner decide to sell, you will be asked to leave. With Roehampton, you not only enjoy all of the benefits and amenities of a condo lifestyle, but because this is a rental property, you’ll never have to worry about being asked to vacate your home. If you are a pet owner you are going to love this next aspect.

2. Pets

Another great benefit of renting with us over a condo is our pet policies. KG Group allows residents to have as many pets as they want and any size of pet they would like that is in accordance with the City of Toronto By-laws. Most condo buildings throughout Toronto have size restrictions on pets that may reside within the building, or don’t allow pets at all. As we are pet friendly and do not have size restrictions on pets, our residents can relax and feel safe and secure knowing their four legged family members will always be welcome in a KG property.

3. Building Link

We also provide a very special and customized online resident portal called Building Link.  It is a program which allows our residents to book the lounge, theatre and business center online from the comfort of their suite or the convenience of anywhere with their mobile device.  It has an APP that can be downloaded allowing residents to contact management for any issues at any time 24/7.  This is an added feature to residents as some condos make this process rather taxing.  In some condo buildings, you can only reserve the party room with security or you have to coordinate with your Landlord who may live out of province or out of the country.  It can be very challenging for the renter to find who they need to use the amenities in a condo building but with KG you can come right down and talk to us directly or just book it from your phone.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important areas that KG Group rises high above a condo building.  In a condo building the owner is responsible for any maintenance issues that arise. You do not have a maintenance team downstairs or online that can take care of any problems IMMEDIATELY. Which means that the owner will need to call a repair person to come and fix the problem which takes time and costs them money.  The owner often does not have readily available repair contractors on-hand and most of the time the owner does not know who to call for specific repairs.  Some owners may not feel that these maintenance issues are time sensitive, it could take several days to have a minor issue repaired and may take even longer to have a major issue corrected. The owner may also need to get approvals from the Condo Corporation in order to have a repair completed.  At KG we guarantee a 24 hour maintenance response and have a full maintenance department that can fix plumbing, electrical, mechanical and any other building or suite issues onsite.  In addition, we are the Landlord and we can do a full repair immediately on the spot.

5. Free Wifi and Netflix

On the main floor of Roehampton and in our lounge residents have full access to free and unlimited wifi. We are also fully equipped for you to throw a Netflix Marathon of one of your favourite shows and have your friends and family comfortably enjoy multiple episodes of your favourite show right in our Roehampton Theater!

6. Green Buildings

New KG buildings are all green buildings.  KG Group is committed to build for the future.  That’s why KG properties are built to be environmentally responsible, energy efficient and offer green-inspired amenities.  The energy efficient initiatives at both Harrison and Roehampton not only help provide savings on utility costs, they also mean we’re all being kinder to the environment.  Here is a list of just some of our green features:

  • Low-E coated, argon gas filled, thermal double pane operable awning windows
  • High efficiency, Energy Star kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Dual flush, energy efficient low-flow high performance toilets
  • High pressure, energy efficient low-flow shower heads
  • In-suite laundry ventilation to exterior with automatic relay sensor exhaust control
  • Individually controlled heating and cooling system in-suite for programmable comfort control
  • Individual energy efficient electricity metering
  • Green carpet in corridors
  • Tri-sorter and bi-sorter garbage disposal room on each floor to encourage recycling
  • Light fixtures designed to fit long-lasting, energy saving lamps
  • Continuous venting of bathroom exhaust to central building energy recovery system to conserve energy in heating
  • LED lighting in common areas

8. We stay connected

We also have a very full and elaborate social media program.  At KG, we reach out to our residents on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  We not only tweet and post on Facebook about interesting local community events and exciting new things to do in Toronto but we communicate with our residents about important building updates.  Residents receive instant notifications about a water shut off or power disruption immediately.  An independent condo owner cannot offer that service.  KG works diligently to enhance our sense of community and help residents meet and feel part of their neighbourhood by bringing them together using social media.  We post all resident and building events and invite comments and feedback.  We engage with our residents for open discussions so they feel included in our KG family.

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9. Free Fitness Classes

Unlike a condo, we offer complimentary fitness classes. These classes take place in our Roehampton facility, located on the main floor

10. Management

At KG Group, we have a professional onsite management team.  We are more than just another company in residential real estate.  We are a family business that prides itself on our buildings.  When you move into a KG property, you become part of our community and part of our family.