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Peach Fuzz: Your Guide to Adding Warmth and Style to Your Home

If you’ve ever flipped through a décor magazine and fallen in love with a rich aubergine bedroom, a living room in a deep bluey-grey, or a warm terra cotta entry hall, you’re not alone. Neutrals like taupe, white, and beige may have ruled the world of interior design for the last decade or two (and will never go out of style), but it seems that these days, colour is having a moment. And right now, we're swooning over Pantone's 2024 Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz.

Subtle yet elegant, fresh yet timeless, confident yet relaxed, Peach Fuzz's true strength lies in its versatility. This delicate shade pairs seamlessly with a range of hues, from white, ivory, cream, beige, taupe, and soft shades of grey, to bolder colours like vibrant oranges and blues. Whether used as an accent, or the main act, this soft, warm hue is the perfect way to refresh your apartment. Here are four easy (and budget-friendly) ways to bring the year’s hottest colour into your home. And (bonus!) they’re all small changes that will have a big impact, making them perfect for rentals.

Start Small

Does the thought of colour bring on a cold sweat? Embark on your journey into the world of Peach Fuzz by starting small with some fresh flowers. A bouquet of blush-coloured blooms not only adds a touch of nature to your space, but also introduces the orange-pink shade in a way that’s easy, natural, and completely commitment-free. Tulips, roses, ranunculus – create a beautiful mix, totally tailored to you. 

Add an Accent

If you’re ready for something a little more permanent, but you’re still feeling commitment-shy, dip your toes into the pigment pool with some peachy keen, interchangeable décor items. Think vases, frames, pillows, throws, curtains, or a statement rug. Experimenting with these pieces will let you add a touch of this warm and welcoming shade to your rental, without committing to a major change, keeping your space flexible and full of personality.

Think Bigger

Ready to make a bolder statement? Invest in a larger piece of furniture like an armchair, a side table, or even a sofa in this pretty pastel tone. It might sound counterintuitive, but peach can actually act as a neutral, elevating your apartment and lending an element of warmth and sophistication, without overdosing on colour. Plus, with options at every price point, this is a way to play with the trend without breaking the bank.

Go All Out

For those feeling extra adventurous, consider adding a large piece of art in a bold peach tint, or, even better, turn an entire wall of your apartment into artwork with removable wallpaper – it’s quicker and simpler to install than traditional wallpaper, and comes coated with an adhesive backing, so it can be stuck onto the wall and then peeled off like it was never there. Perfect for rental life.

Peach Fuzz is the perfect hue to enrich our mind, body, and soul, and remind us that warmer days are just around the corner. It effortlessly navigates between the feminine and masculine, bringing confidence and relaxed charm to any space. Give it a try, and see how this velvety hue can awaken a sense of nurturing and belonging, creating a comforting sense of home in your condo rental.

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