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Spring Maintenance – 5 Items to Put on Your To-Do List This Month

The clocks have changed, the days are getting longer, Spring has officially sprung! While it may be tempting to head outside and enjoy the warmer weather, a little cleaning now will go a long way to keeping your rental apartment clean and comfortable all season long. We’ve rounded up 5 simple maintenance tasks to check off your list. Open up the windows, let in some fresh air, and let’s get to it.

Deep clean the dishwasher.
A good cleaning will not only remove buildup and help keep your dishwasher running smoothly, it will also eliminate any unpleasant odours or those annoying spots that can sometimes appear on your glassware. The process is simple.

Step one: fill a dishwasher-safe bowl with one cup of distilled white vinegar, place it on the top rack and run a cycle (without detergent or dishes).

Step two: for an extra clean, after running the vinegar cycle, sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the empty dishwasher and run a short or quick cycle.

Clean the lint trap in your dryer.
A full lint trap can increase drying time and is also a serious fire hazard. In addition to a quick cleaning with every load, now is a good time to give it a deep clean.

First, remove any lint. Next, wash the lint trap gently using a soft brush, warm water, and a mild dish soap. While that’s drying, vacuum the slot to remove any excess lint and debris. When the lint trap is dry, put it back and voilà! A better drying experience.

Rotate & flip your mattress
Did you know that regularly rotating your mattress will help it last longer and also help you sleep better? If your mattress is single-sided, a simple 180-degree head-to-toe rotation will suffice. If it’s double-sided, you'll also need to flip it over when you rotate.

The change of seasons is a good time to declutter and get rid of things we no longer need. Not only will it help your apartment feel fresh and clean, but it’s also a simple trick to make it feel more spacious.

Go through your closets, your cabinets, your drawers (you can even go room by room if it feels more manageable) and organize things into one of the following categories:

  • Keep: Put away where it belongs.
  • Toss: Throw it away.
  • Donate / Giveaway: Put in a box to donate or give it away.
  • Store: Package the item for storage.

Unsure about something? That’s okay. Put it aside to go through later. Just make sure it doesn’t end up in a never-ending limbo pile. Be ruthless. Be honest. Be joyful. Make Marie Kondo proud!

And a word from us at the KG Group Community Maintenance Team

You won’t be the only one cleaning up this Spring. Rest assured that our team is always working to keep every KG community running smoothly and efficiently. Our ongoing Community Maintenance program is constantly taking care of things behind the scenes across all our rental properties.
Here’s a few to look out for:

  • In-suite fan coil inspection and filter changes
  • Power washing of underground parking garages
  • Regular Fire Drills
  • Seasonal cleaning and changing of floor mats in all common areas

In addition, all of our communities are covered by our 24-hour Maintenance Response Guarantee. Peace of mind means knowing that if you have a problem, we’re there to help.